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Todd, in Dallas, was in his element with old friends, fans and foundlings (hence the young man next to us who kept yelling "Todd is God") Exactly my sentiments back in the early 70's and still today. Todd is a peacemaker. He seemed so relaxed. (Loved the phone call in the middle of the show - checking in with his bairn) Hey - for those of you who want to pursue more fun activities with condoms, check out "Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road" I gave in a copy for his birthday. You too can be a Bad Girl (ok, or a guy) on your road trips to follow Todd around. I saw him with Abbey Road in Houston, as well as his birthdate, where he allowed Tull to close for him. I made 890 miles in 2 days to catch him in Dallas and in Houston (Had to go by and pick up Bad Girl Cinna in Austin to complete the road trip. She's seen him 30 times) He continues to amaze me with his compassion for fellow personkind. He models for musicians as well as musician appreciators the art of playing, enjoying and listening. Todd has never needed to explain himself. He walks his talk. It is indeed one world, our world. Spread the word!

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