Todd in Houston

Review by Derek Moore & Teresa Russo, Houston. (Switch to

The wanted to sing ‘happy birthday’ to him, so he played the tune at high speed on his guitar. Said "let’s get this out the way." Did his usual masterful stuff; ‘Can we still be friends,’ topped ‘You’ve got to hide your love away,’ followed by the ‘Drum,’ Lysastrata’ and ‘West Virginia Girls’.

He was obviously allotted forty-five minutes, took fifty and denied an encore by the slick insertion of interval lights and music. In this state of the art’’ amphitheater in front of some eight thousand, the Master not only performed his art, but controlled the audience; no flashing lights, fireworks or gimmicks, simply a piano, a guitar and the ‘man.’ Plant, Palmer, Gabriel and Bowie couldn’t do it. The Jethro-Tull bit was simply a mis-calculation of an opening act. Todd is Todd, not a forty-five minute fill-in; this coupling would never have lasted another three days, it would simply have developed into the Todd Rundgren Roadshow .We are talking "professional artist " here, not bandannas and noise.

So, we were glad to be a part of it, always enjoy ‘the man’, and look forward to a definitive schedule for the coming weeks. Love to you all.

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