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I'd just like to add to what the others before me have said--so read their stuff first!

For the first hour, this was the worst concert experience I've ever had watching any artist. Not ever having been to this place before, I had no idea of the setup, and, not knowing the dividing line between cheaper and costly seats, I sat on the steps leading to the center tables, stuck under one of those bar-tables, out of everyone's way, with a nice sight line. Just as Todd started, the bouncer made me get up and move back. So I did, and leaned on the end of a bar-table several rows back. The bouncer came again, checked my ticket, and said I had to move to the back of the tables. So I did, to the area between the bar and the last row of tables in the center. the bouncer came again, and said I have to be even farther back than that... The show was sold out (club capacity 710)--I wasn't stealing money from anyone, and no one was complaining. Don't know why even my last spot couldn't have been accepted, but I spent the first two songs being chased around...

So, life in the back was sooo fun... The endless beat of the disco, or laser-tag room music, or arcade, whatever it was, cut through most songs. The stage sound in the back half of the room was very quiet--the piano almost unintelligible, as were the softer guitar parts. I was lucky enough to first land standing next to woman who made several calls on her cell phone. Fortunately, she was very quiet when she talked--unlike the flirtatious couple I landed next to when I moved away from her. I can tell you all about his pilot's license, and how much they both like Ski-Doos--as can several other annoyed people standing in the same area as me. After two songs, I politely tapped them on the shoulder and asked them to move their chat away from the music. The woman acted like I was the rudest person in the world, but they did scoot away.

After all this, I'd finally edged up to a spot that was free of constant talkers and the thumpa-thumpa was at a minimum... (Austin, two days before, with its 3000-capacity seating and lovely outdoor setting, had nearly perfect sound.) The show was enjoyable, about as good as Todd bothers to get anymore. My favorite parts (of both shows) were the seldom- or never-heard songs: "Free, Male, and 21", "Tie You Down", and "Hawking". Having not seen the Half-Twisted or Power Trio tours, hearing the bossa nova tunes were nice, too. And I enjoyed seeing him early in the tour schedule--living in the Midwest so many years, I've tended to get the middle or end of tours, when his voice was breaking down, and he sounded very good this time around.

I love Todd more than anyone, and it's always fun to be in his presence. But I must say I didn't sense a lot of "fire in the belly" at either show I saw. The song performances were first rate and he was great with the crowd (though a bit sloppy with both at times)--but I didn't feel the sense of purpose I've gotten from him so many times in the past. I think the man needs to find a new challenge for himself, get the blood pumping hard again! I've been thinking he should try to write some orchestral music... At any rate, a bad start evolved into a pleasant finish. Glad I got to see the year's only solo show (so far)! Just wishing I'd had the $$$ for better seats...

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6/21/2002 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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