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well goes...todd in dallas at the "bronco bowl" of the common man;cliche;dont wanna tie you down; lysistrata; there goes my inspiration; viking song; it wouldn't have made any difference; too far gone; compassion; free male and 21; can we still be friends; bang the drum (ukelele); i saw the light; influenza; got to hide your love away...1 world; wheel of karma; hawking; dream goes on forever.

It was good to see old freinds and make new ones.  intimate setting...except it was in dallas...reserved "seating" dancin allowed it seemed...RIGHT!   I did find a few folks who had a sense of humor and managed a few laughs in land of big hair and bigger egos...thanks alot to our traveling companion  " wanda"... (see kristine kovach...backyard review  prior nite in austin.)  the poor girl got inspected at every turn..." missed a nook...better wand her again...that ' todd is godd shirt could mean something!"  (airport folks)   .thanks for the grins...  Anyway....If it weren't for rundgren playing dallas...i wouldn't have bothered...the town is a little full of itself.   All in was worth it.  No posters to take from the walls....but a signed ticket stub... i didnt want to see jethro "closing" for todd... happy birthday sir...thanks for stopping by....yall come back now...y' hear?

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6/21/2002 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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