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Todd doing a SOLO show in Dallas ~ what a treat!! After all, it's been three or four years since Todd graced us southerners with his presence! The last being With a Twist, at Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth. Well, he made up for lost time!

I had a mere 90~100 mile trip which just wet my appetite considering my six cd player was loaded with various tunes such as my all time fav==> Todd, TR-i, With a Twist, A Wizard a True Star, Something Anything, and last but not least, A Cappella. Obviously, I didn't have time to listen to all six, who cares the Real Deal awaited me. I was so hyped!

The club was intimate, all Todd fans took their place and anxiously awaited His arrival. Standing room only but thanks to a great connection, I had a front row table. Wouldn't have it any other way. I feel Todd's vocals were as sharp as I have ever heard them. He sounded great and I truly feel that he was sensitive to all the love the audience was sending his way and it showed in his performance and his line up of songs. The only disappointing factor was no electric guitar or no Lowest Common Denominator. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Love of the Common Man, awesome ~ Cliche ~ Don't Wanna Tie You Down, please tie me down Todd =)~ Lysistrata ~ There Goes my Inspiration ~ Viking Song - ~ It Wouldn't Have Made any Difference ~ Too Far Gone, which I usually am in Todd's presence ~ Compassion, brought tears to my eyes and the hairs on the back of my neck standing ~ Free Male and 21 ~ Can we Still be Friends ~ Bang the Drum, which I adored 'cause he did it with a ukulele, it had such a Hawaiian flare ~ I saw the Light ~ Influenza ~ Hey you got to Hide Your Love Away, which was AWE INSPIRING, Todd's vocals were perfect and happens to be one of the few that can hold a candle to John ~ One World ~ OMG ==> The Wheel <== I thought I had died and gone to Heaven ~ Hawking and The Dream Goes on Forever. HELLO... WHAT A FREAKIN' LINE UP! Can you possibly ask for anything more? The time seemed to fly as it often does when your in paradise. After the show, several fans raved it was the best show they've seen Todd perform. Wow ~ I have to agree. 

Todd being the gracious unassuming super star that he is, made time for his devout fans, a few autographs and gift exchanges. I came away with a prop he happen to pull out of his pants. A rubber - unused of course. You know Todd's humor. My only regret was I asked for an autograph on a measly a cocktail napkin. Damn what was I thinking - a rubber with Todd's signature - how original would that have been? Todd was tired and had a show the following night in which Tull closed for him. Sorry, couldn't make that one. Can't duplicate perfection. I doubt any other show on this tour will come close to what we experienced that faithful Friday at the Canyon Club. I feel so privileged! Thank you Todd and Happy 54th! I love you always! Dallas loves you, too! 

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6/21/2002 - Bronco Bowl Canyon Club - Dallas, TX

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