Todd in Austin

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I saw todd last night in Austin opening for Tull and it was...Interesting. nearly sold out venue outdoors, he took the stage without fanfare, almost abruptly, and began common man- He played piano and acoustic guitar only- played 12 songs including bossa nova i saw the light ,viking song, lysystrada,bang the drum (on Ukelele!), compassion and I dont wanna tie you down.

he was in fair vioce, seemed a little jet lagged- talked with us die hards for quite a while- said big tours were so expensive, etc... I wanted to ask what was up with opening for tull and playing with hall and oates, but felt polite. He gave a rave review to the Linklater film "waking life" that was released last year...

Austin has a bit of a todd fan base but not what i remember form my grilhood in ohio ( Im Kristine Kovach by the way) most people who saw him last night seemed perplexed and there for "tull, dude"

Im a little in shock- Maybe I'll drive to dallas on friday and see whats up...

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