Todd in St. Paul

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The cold front that moved into Minnesota was a reality check for most Minnesotans enjoying a warmer than average winter, but that wasn't enough to stop the faithful Todd Rundgren and Hall and Oates fans from filling a large hockey arena (that had very good acoustics). Todd opened with his 6 string acoustic playing Love Of the Common Man, (he was in great voice). Cliche' and Lysistrata followed. Hide your Love Away had the crowd singing along. He sat down at a nice black grand piano and said, "this could get ugly" he then played a perfect version of Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" on the piano. I was getting impressed. Then he did a shaky "Viking Song", then botched "Compassion". He started "Free Male and 21" and started laughing. The crowd started laughing with him at this point, but never the less Minnesota nice set in. He played "Bang The Drum All Day" on the Ukelele. a Bossa Nova "I Saw The Light" and. "One World" on the acoustic guitar, then came out for an encore and said "you have now given me the confidence to try the piano again" he then did a respectable version of "Hawking". All in all it was enjoyable, a nice break from my daily routine. Hall and Oates came out and really delivered the goods. They were extremely tight and well rehearsed. The Philly soul sound was happening. Hits like "Out Of Touch" (a personal fave), "She's Gone", "Sara Smile", "One on One", some new songs, and plenty more Hall and Oates favorites followed. Daryl Hall was fantastic! His voice was right on the money. The crowd made me think I had flashed back to the 80's (without the coke) there was people with suits on, and in formal attire. I had on my flannel shirt (they issue those at the airport in MN when you move here). I enjoyed a vocal clinic from some true pros. Todd joined Hall and Oates for an encore of some Philly soul, nothing like Todd and Daryl Hall harmonizing. It looked like the homeboys were having fun. I thought it was a real treat to see this show. This could be an interesting combo if they tour together. Utopia could be a great match for this tour.

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2/26/2002 - Xcel Energy Center - Saint Paul, MN

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