Todd Excel Solo Review with Hall & Oates

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Iíll make this short since there really isnít to much to talk about. Todd hopped on stage at right around 8:00pm. He opened up with Love of the common man on the acoustic and played a few more songs all solo no backup band. I canít remember the play list but they where most of the classics, I saw the light, One world, Clichť, you guys know the routine. They all sounded good I thought. The Excel Center is a new building with great acoustics. Todd then got on the piano for a few songs. It wouldnít have made any difference was great along with the Viking Song, but he really struggled with a few others, he stopped and started White Free and 21 about four times before he quit and went back to the guitar. It wasnít pretty and I think he was embarrassed. He then came back to the piano with an encore and did Hawking. I thought that the best song that he did all night. I would say his set lasted about an hour at best. The last few times I have seen Todd live he has not been at his best. Granted they have all been early in a tour or in this case a solo date, but Iím sure he just went on stage cold with no rehearsing. At least that is what it seemed like. I love Todd but he has to do a better job preparing for these gigs. He has that Iíll just wing it attitude.

Hall & Oates sounded great! Their band was real tight like they have been playing for the last few weeks. Todd sat in on their last song and played a little lead guitar. That was nice to see. Three guys from Philadelphia jamming. †FYI, I didnít realize that John Oates was that short! LOL

Overall is was a fun night, just not one of Toddís best playing nights. I donít care, I love to see him any chance I can. Twice in one year is not bad, and only blocks from my house. Whoís complaining?

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