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I traveled 3000 miles to see Todd here in Minneapolis. The Excel Energy center was abuzz with old farts waiting for Hall and Oats. Todd was prompt. His first tune- Cliché went off well. Later..The version of Inspiration was even better. (Unbelievable) I'm sure that some drones will complain...The set wasn't long enough....He stopped playing several songs while at the piano..The old farts waiting for Hall and Oats grew impatient..............I'm almost 50 but I'm not that old. There were some 20 year old hogs sitting in front of us screaming at Todd to go away. snort snort The only thing that kept me from throwing corn feed in their general direction....Have pity on your sisters...on every living thing.....Todd was great!

Todd only played for a short time. It is hard to believe that Todd would come into town for a mere 40 minutes, but alas, such was the case. To add insult to injury, Haulin' Ass didn't have the dignity to even mention Todd as they blasted into their cheese saturated Philly 80's jizz.

I never realized until tonight that Oats only stands 4" 6". I'm amazed that the little guy was able to get his arm over the body of the acoustic guitar to strum.

By now the little corn fed wads were reveling in their misguided affection for the dated duo.

Back to Todd, his voice was in fine form, and there was real emotion in his voice. This performance was certainly not just "phoned in".

He seems to have heeded the comments of his fans as regards to "stickin' to the hits". He played songs that I've never heard played solo, (e.g. The Viking Song). See other reviews for the song list.

I enjoyed this gig... I just wish that the audience was gathered for a unified purpose (One World)

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