Merriweather post pavilion 8/11/02

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The other reviews of this show aptly describe what took place.

After seeing Todd perform for decades I was curious to see him as an "opening act" at this stage of his career. Especially with some of the lukewarm shows that he's produced in recent tours. I was actually nervous at the prospect of forgotten words, interrupted song starts, lost guitar and piano chords in front of what I was sure to be a formidable H & O show. Don't get me wrong, he is the musician I've most admired since Something/Anything was released, and I'm lucky to live in an area that I get to see him regularly, multiple times per tour. I always go to the shows no matter what reviews of the tour may tip off. I just felt that this one had some pressure not normally associated with his tours.

As the other reviews stated, Todd didn't disappoint. He didn't hit the home run... but he was close. There was still the occasional guitar solo gone fishin mixed in with killin solos and the strained high vocals mixed with his sweet falsetto. The intensity of the performance was excellent and it didn't leave room for a lackluster effort. It reminded me of earlier days with Utopia.

The encores definitely were worth the price of admission. Sweet Philly Soul.

I hope my pictures turn out! I have to show a few friends that opted not to go what they missed.

To echo other reviews: THIS IS A MUST SEE SHOW!

Other observations from the show:

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