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As one of Todd's many loyal fans, I can boast about the hundreds of shows I've attended dating back to 1974- the glory days of 3 hour shows, new material, surprises in the setlist, blistering guitar solos, pitch-perfect harmonies - a Rundgren/Utopia concert was a cathartic event. Boy, how times have changed.

Over the last few years, the most dedicated fans have been subject to the same 25 songs-sung poorly and played poorly. There has been the occasional winning performance, but overall it has become a joke, and Saturday night's debacle at B.B. King's was the icing on the cake.

You think Todd would have time to learn some of the other songs in his vast back catalogue considering he hasn't been writing any new material. Instead we get the same half-assed performances of the same 15 songs. And how much longer do we have to listen to his self-deprecating comments about his piano playing or his voice. I'd rather not hear "Hello It's Me" than hear a total mockery of it. It makes me wonder why I liked the song in the first place. How about "Hawking"-a nice surprise-totally butchered on the piano. Why bother?

And enough with the "karaoke" nonsense. Jesse Gress is an accomplished guitar player who would sound a helluva lot better without the "With A Twist" backing tape.

Todd mentioned his IRS problems, so what we've thought all along was made clear-he tours because he's got to tour. There are many musicians in the same boat who at least try to please the fans while they are working out their own problems. (Check out Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze on his solo tours. What a pleasure! What a pro!)

I guess it doesn't really matter. BB KIng's was packed with the same loyal fans that have been coming for 25 years. Just one favor Todd-next time, you don't need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom-you've been pissing on your fans for years, why stop now?

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