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OK, so it wasn't the greatest show I've ever seen, in fact it kind of stunk. Big deal. How many out there give 100% every day at their jobs? I say give the kid a break. Todd is tired. The set list was predictable of course. Todd has said in the past that audiences respond to familiar material and that why he chooses certain songs. At this point in his career he should realize that his audience is made up of hard core Todd fans and Love Of The Common Man is just as familiar as Determination or Long Flowing Robe.

Here's a nutty idea that might just kill two birds with one stone: " Todd Rundgren Presents: Something/Anything " a concert showcasing his most popular album. Even people that aren't Todd fans have that album in their collections. It is a classic rock record. This way, we get to hear Marlene and Little Red Lights and the other people get to hear Hello It's Me & I Saw The Light. Cheap Trick did the same thing a few years back with their first three records and it was a huge success. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards...

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