BB Kings "Chinese " Grill NYC 10/27/01

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To all you nay-sayers, I say "piss off". Toddie boy put on another wonderful performance regardless of the motivation (if those IRS guys were looking for some buckage from you, you'd be pan handling in Grand Central or stealing tips from the waitresses in Allentown). Actually, I suspect he was using this swing also to tune up for the upcoming Walk Down Abbey Road shows in Japan. How smart is that! Two birds with one tour!

The show in NYC was great fun and Todd just keeps getting better. You've gotta admit the guy is a ton of fun. These are live performances. If I wanted to hear a studio performance I would watch the "Making of Second Wind" video and relive that experience. Nothing beats Todd live and in person.

Todd seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself in spite of some apparent dehydration and I consider myself lucky that he made the trek all the way back east to do these shows. His voice sounds great and he is playing great guitar and piano. BB Kings was packed and it was fun to see all the enthusiastic New York fans react to seeing OH perform. I only wish he had done Hawking since that performance seemed to get consistent rave reviews.

Let us all just hope that he gets back in the studio and on the road again when he is ready. The man kind of has performing in his blood and I don't see him dropping out of sight any time soon (please don't prove me wrong Todd).

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10/27/2001 - B.B.Kings - New York, NY

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