10/27 Review

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A thoroughly unremarkable trip down memory lane:

Moments like these just work to reinforce the Stevie Wonder analogies. The man is human jukebox way past his creative prime. But an adoring crowd gives him license to do whatever the hell he wants. As long as his voice stays in shape (That is if you find his gruff middle-aged moan at all pleasing) then who amongst the die-hards really cares anyway. I guess thats my only quibble with his singing... all of the vocals sound labored, which destroys all but his most soulful ballads. 

I suppose I could call this one of the most insincere performances I've ever attended, but thats not saying much since I'm a sporadic and inexperienced concert-goer at best. You know that interview were he described his guitar-playing as facile? Well that just about sums about his whole career at this point. At one point I found myself thinking about skipping to the next track. 

Is it just me or does Jesse Gress really look like the illegitimate love-child of Todd Rundgren and Alice Cooper?

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