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An open letter to Todd:

For almost 30 years I have looked forward with anticipation to your concerts in metro NYC area. I make it a point to see at least three or four shows when you tour in the area. Most creative people peak early in their careers and slide down as the years go by. Your performance last night at the Keswick unfortunately showed that you are not an exception to this rule.

I am sick of hearing the same songs OVER AND OVER.
I am sure so are you!

It was great to see a full auditorium for a change and I was hoping that you would reward us for a change. Sadly, you did not. For the first time ever I actually dozed off during the BS MP3 segment of the very tired lounge act. Your voice however was particularly strong during this segment but your heart and soul was not there.

The one and only TRUE highlight of the evening was Hawking. It was almost spiritual. As the song progressed, the crowd became absolutely quiet and your emotion was apparent to all. It was quite moving and made me realize why I drove 2 1/2 hours to see you. Then it was over and another 2 1/2 hour drive faced me going home.

Todd - I couldn't care less if you flub lines, can't play piano as well as you once could, or refuse to play lead guitar. Just show me you care and your heart is into it and I am happy. I hope tonight in NYC and tomorrow in NJ I see more of your soul.

Also - try other songs - Who cares if you mess up during them-you do it anyway on the ones you practice!

Come on Todd - try to PLEASE your loyal fans with a few of these GEMS perfectly suited for an acoustic or piano performance:

Believe in me
Remember me
Chain letter
Long flowing robe
Cold morning light
I think you know
Don't you ever learn
My angel
Second nature
Only human
PRETENDING TO CARE  just your voice no instruments
Maybe I could change
Parallel lines
No matter how you perform or even if I dose off, I will still keep coming to see you. You are part of my life and even surgery can't separate us.

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