Concert Review - Keswick Theatre, Glenside PA, 10/26/01

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After a tough night two nights before in Allentown, PA, Todd, a native of Upper Darby, PA, was back on his home turf. Todd was in very good spirits and seemed to enjoy the more relaxed and appreciative setting of the Keswick. It was clear that the Allentown experience hurt him. At one point on the piano, Todd hit a few keys and in a Billy Joel voice, started singing that he was "losing it in Allentown." He also joked that Jesse, who apparently is actually from Allentown, was "no longer from there." I'll wait for some one else to post the set list, but it was basically the same as prior shows on this eight night "swing" (NOT tour!). One notable exception, "Mated." Todd's wardrobe consisted of the now-common black pants, black t-shirt and jacket. Highlights included "LOTCM," "Compassion," "I Don't Want to Tie You Down," "Tiny Demons," "One World," "SLUT" and "IWHMAD." "Love in Action" seemed a bit awkward as a solo offering and Todd broke a string during "Lysistrata" (which Jesse promptly repaired in his role doing, as Todd quipped, "double duty" on this night) but the off moments were few and far between.

While I agree that the Bossa Nova MP3 stuff can get a bit tiresome, it proved to be a nice "break" in the show. Jesse is an incredible artist and his playing was really top notch. Actually the addition of the MP3 "band" (as OH called it), piped in along with Jesse's playing, helped to fill in the sound a bit and made things a bit more interesting than just the two-piece of Todd and Jesse from this summer's shows. In typical Todd fashion, his "maraccas" consisted of a plastic frog and a plastic monkey.

While Todd's piano work has come under great criticism of late, i neither heard nor saw any signs of weakness. no songs were stopped mid-way through nor bad keys hit. He even made it through "The Viking Song" without incident, no small feat nowadays. Todd's voice started out so-so, but improved greatly as the night went on. At one point, while on the piano, he switched from water to a suspicious looking glass of a caramel colored liquid, took a swig and gasped "ddddrrryyyyy!" After switching back to water, things improved again.

Todd again reminded us that this "swing" was for purposes of satisfying his obligations to the IRS terrorists who have been tailing him. He dedicated "Free Male and 21" to his son, recently drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks, and told the story of the "anthrax" in the baggie search at the San Francisco airport along with a few other of his typically hilarious and self-deprecating anecdotes. Todd reiterated again that his touring days were over, but I know there are many who, along with me, would cherish one more run through with the full big band of the old days.

After the final encore, Todd walked the length of the stage thanking everyone again for their support and shaking hands with those of us lucky enough to enjoy the show from the front rows. I'm never washing my hand again.

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10/26/2001 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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