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First off, I'm not much of a "reviewer" and am mainly just content to live my quiet early mid age life in central Indiana, but want to say a few things about the Allentown and Keswick shows. We took off from home on Tuesday morning heading East to see OH. Fortunately, my wife has grown to like Todd after seeing him over the last couple of years and was eager to burn a few vacations days to go along.  

As other reviews have stated, the Allentown show was a bit rough. I have seen around 15 shows since 1977 and never saw him walk off stage before (or even come close). His voice sounded good, but the crowd was bad. Why pay to come and then not listen? Does it really take 10 beers a piece to have a good time? At this point in his career, I believe Todd is mainly drawing from his "true", long term fans and I find it sad that a few people treated him in this manner.  Anyhow, I enjoyed the show and being up close.

The Keswick show a couple of nights later was much better due to the venue, but ironically we still had 4 or 5 "talkers" sitting right behind us. It was good to see the turn out (900-1,000?) in the home town. I'm afraid Todd's voice was not as strong as in Allentown, but of course was still very good. Still more of the Tiki style which is fine with me. Sure I would like to see the RA tour again, but who wouldn't. I'm just glad Todd is still out performing live no matter what the style or reason (IRS). The highlight was easily the last encore song - "Hawking" - with just Todd and the piano. The theater was total silent and focused and I think Todd took to that and really put an extra effort into the song.

Bottom line, a good trip to see what I think is a truly great musical artist.

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