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I have been a fan of Todd Rundgren since the early 70's. I have also gone to school with Jesse Gress and was thrilled to be able to see him perform with Todd. When I heard they would be coming to "Crocodile Rock" that wouldn't be that far to travel so me and my husband, my sister and brother-in-law and a friend decided to get tickets to see the great Todd!

We all had to make special arrangements, being that we all do work. I had to get the evening off, and the others had to either arrange to go in late to work or just not get enough sleep and go to work anyway. We are all in our 40's now and it is not that easy to go out and get up at 5:30 for work. I guess we just don't practice that life style enough. However, for "Todd" it was special.         Some of us had to travel 45 minutes to get to the Crock. 

We do admitt, that "The Crock" was not the ideal place to see him. We had hoped he would come to "the State Theater" in Easton, (a truely class place where we just saw Jethro Tull) but it didn't happen.  However when we got there, we could see that it truely was "Todd" fans that came to see him. Believe me, those were not regular "Crock" people. They were too old!

We waited while the warm-up band played. They were quite good. Everyone seemed to enjoy them playing acoutics and harminizing. The whole time I kept seeing this "Grand Piano" on stage and saying, this is going to be great!                                                                                           

It's been a while since I've been out and it was nice seeing some old friends, and musicians I used to know. I had certain songs that remained in my mind through the years that I couldn't wait to hear "Todd" do live. I walked around at work all day singing "Todd" songs I remembered.   I heard it was going to be acoustic, and thought, ok, so was the warm-up band and they were good.

Then "Todd" comes out in his "Escher" shirt. Sits, and starts playing guitar. Kept my attention for a while, then lost me. O.K. I think it's going to get better. Maybe when Jesse goes up. Then he complains about some guy at the bar, I'm all fired up....if anyones bothering "Todd" I'll take care of them. But no one seems to know what the problem is? No one hears anyone giving him a hard time. These are all "Todd" fans, we may look like a motley crew, but we came just to see "Todd" we loved him. And I don't think he dressed special for the occasion, so who's to judge us?

O.K. now he goes to the Grand Piano. Which I understnd took great efforts for "Joe Clark" the owner of "Crock Rock" to get in the place. He plays two songs and gets pissed -off and leaves the stage. Everyone is speechless. What is he a primadonna? What has happened? No one knew. There was talk of "just leaving" when Jesse came out. we were told to just "Simmer down". I didn't know anyone was out of control. Oh well, he came back out with Jesse and they played. It wasn't what I expected but I guess it wasn't what he expected either. I got to hear some of the songs I wanted, but some were not the way I remembered. Oh well, I'm in my forty's now, I must've gotten old and can't remember.   He was not the "Todd Rundgren" I remember.

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