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Hack - hack...feels like I must have smoked a pack of Camels at the Crock joint last night. And my hair still reeks from its commingling with the nastiness. Aren't you people going to make the connection to the health of your life force? Smoking sucks the big one and to be blunt, you smokers smell disgusting; you really do. I only tell you this because I love you. Todd fans are fine!!!

I look forward to the pre-performance ramblings....Hearing stories about how you once sat next to him, and he touched your hand, signed your shirt all that cool stuff. I met 2 couples from Dalton, who had been to the Harrisburg show and loved it, so they drove to Allentown too....They thought I looked like Todd, humm???  Well you know, the scene....Everywhere Todd stories floating around, like he is just everybody's favorite buddy. I had fun reading lips and watching expressions of escalating "Toddisms" on the faces of fans as the stories buzzed all around us. Watching the women up front, who were "enthusiastically obsessed" with the show. You know, passionate free expression is so healthy and inspiring. However, that said I'd still like to tell the guy with the ultra crude chap stick shirt on, "Get rid of that one, Son, some child may see that on you, or a dog or something. Treat yourself better, you don't need to be bait to some mall fad, respect yourself, come on... get with it."

You may hear that Todd was a bit temperamental last evening, well he was. He actually got up and left us with our mouths hanging open, in the middle of "Compassion"...Being a mom with a highly sensitive child, these things are just to be expected of Sensitives, and nothing like that affects me too much. You just come back and start over and that is that. So "that" is just what happened.

This morning when my child, who is quite the genius and as such a big Todd fan herself, asked about the show, I told her he got pissed and left the stage. She asked, "Why?". I said, "Well, there were people who were disrespecting his performance and they were talking loudly as if the radio was on...which was disruptive and this completely annoyed him." She just rolled over and said, "He sounds just like me." That's all I needed to make me smile and forget all about my stinky hair.

Meanwhile about Todd, he was FABULOUS. We enjoyed him with big smiles, dancing and singing along with him is just exactly the heart medicine that life should gift each of us. I gave you more of an sociological review. I'll let someone else make the list and give you the details; but please don't believe anyone who says anything derogatory. This was a great opportunity Todd offered to us, his voice was perfect, oh so sweet. What a guy!

Thanks Todd, we love you.

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