Ramshead 10/23

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My first solo Todd gig .. in fact the first time I've seen him since the mid-80's. The Rams Head is an amazingly nice venue, all table seating, no smoking, decent table service, good beer.

Highlights for me were Tiny Demons (while Jesse repaired a string on the electric), and Compassion. I *like* the lounge renditions, but then again this was the first time I'd heard them except for TRTV clips. The technology glitches didn't bother me .. although it was more entertaining in the 80's with a macintosh on stage with it's screen projected behind the stage. This was also my first exposure to Jesse Gress .. very impressive playing. I liked when on a couple of occasions he just killed off the mp3 box and they did just Jesse guitar and TR vocal.

I just had to wait after the show, and he eventually showed up and was very friendly .. shook his hand and chatted a moment while my sweetie shot a pic or two. Can't wait for my next show .. what the hell have I been waiting for?

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10/23/2001 - Rams Head Tavern - Annapolis, MD

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