Ram's Head Show 10/23

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I was fortunate enough to see the Harrisburg show on the 19th, and the Ram's head show on the 23rd, and all I can say is what a difference! Todd was much more relaxed, and seemed like he was enjoying the show as much as I was. A few minor mistakes were made, but so what. I was lucky enough to be seated in the second row of tables directly in front of OH, and it seemed like he was playing in my own house. One of the highlights were "The Wheel" that seemed to have been provoked by a table of fans that fashioned pin wheels from glowsticks, and proceeded to hand a few of them out to other fans up front. Another was a seemingly effortless piano performance, and my favorite part was the acoustic "A Dream Goes On Forever", ending with Todd cooly tossing his jacket over his shoulder, and walking of stage, while Jessie continued playing as OH made his way back to his dressing room.

One of the down points were a few people who felt their conversations took priority over Todd's playing, even though everyone else was being very quiet. I felt this was very rude, and an insult to TR and everyone else. This may be OK in a bar, but not in a dinner theater setting!

All in all the Ram's Head show was one of the best I've seen, and I hope he comes around again soon, hopefully with a full band instead of "The Box".

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10/23/2001 - Rams Head Tavern - Annapolis, MD

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