Rams Head Tavern Show Review - 10/23

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I must admit that, on the day before the Rams Head show when I read the reviews of the other shows on this tour, I was quite taken aback. I expected to read great reviews, as usual, and was very surprised to see all the negative comments and couldn't believe they were referring to a Todd show. I started to feel not as excited as I usually am for a Todd show (and I hated feeling that way), mainly because I always look so forward to seeing Todd and I couldn't imagine how I would feel if I was disappointed. Another reason was because I was taking a friend who has never seen him before and I wanted her to enjoy herself also. Then, of course, I reminded myself that I am not one to rely on other peoples opinions because everyone is different, but I guess the fact that there seemed to be so much negativity really confused me. I did feel better yesterday morning when I read the couple of positive reviews that were posted. Well, all I can say is, I was NOT disappointed!!! I thought the show was great (and my friend really enjoyed it too). Todd was in a great mood, interacting with the audience and telling stories and cracking jokes. I thought the show was a lot smoother than some of the other reviews stated. The piano segment came off really well and there were very few problems all evening. The set list was basically the same as listed in other reviews, except we even got "The Wheel!" I think the Bossa Nova stuff is pretty cool because it adds some variety to the show. I could tell by the crowd reaction that everyone agreed; no one left there disappointed and everyone was thoroughly entertained. The Rams Head is a great place to see a show with reserved seating and a capacity of only 220, and the only place I know that I can always get a stage front or stage side seat. Also, it is a great sounding room. It seemed to me that Todd was very comfortable performing there, as he put it, "for my people." As always, it was a thrill for me to be there to witness his talent, humor and energy, and I hope that he comes back soon, in any form. I will always look forward to a Todd show!!!

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10/23/2001 - Rams Head Tavern - Annapolis, MD

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