Todd and Jesse

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Northern Lights
Clifton Park, NY
October 21, 2001

So many of the first reviews of this mini tour seemed really harsh. I don't know about the first two shows, but Todd and Jesse were doing a great job making everyone happy at Northern Lights. I loved being up front able to watch Todd and Jesse perform. Todd's voice was excellent and I thought his piano playing was pretty good and sounded nice on the white baby grand they had there. At times the crowd was singing louder than Todd. All of us singing along was so much fun. Nobody looked or sounded disappointed to me. This is only my fourth Todd show (2 solos, 2 Power Trio's) but I've been listening to Todd and Utopia music my whole life. I may be only 12, but I know what sounds good and Todd did! I took some photos with a cheapy digital camera I have. Some didn't turn out too great but I'll ask Roger to post a few of the decent ones.

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10/21/2001 - Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY

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