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I really enjoyed the show at Jaxx - Todd was pleasantly interactive with the audience, and as casual and informal as someone would be in a roomful of friends. Which it was. The vibe in the bar was warm and friendly. Though I only knew the two friends that I came with, there seemed to be many familiar faces as I scanned the room, probably because many people do attend frequently. Or because those at Jaxx that night shared the same deep affection for Todd and his music, and great enthusiasm. The friendliness and kindness of the staff at Jaxx made it special too.

The show seemed closest in spirit and set list to how others have described the Northern Lights show. 'Hawking' was so beautiful that night.

The Ram's Head, on the other hand, was a great place to eat and drink at, but I don't think I'll be going there again to see a live show. The angle and placement of the stage seemed to benefit only a small portion of the whole room - no dance space - pathways between the oddly arranged mini tables was almost non-existent - and the tickets were nearly twice as expensive as other shows ($50). Worst of all, the audience seemed mostly disinterested in anything that wasn't a recognizable 'hit' - my luck, the nearest table had the usual drunken coquettes pleading audibly for "Hello It's Me". Not much audience participation in songs like 'One World'.

Perhaps this contributed to Todd's aura of ennui last night. Or perhaps the story he jokingly shared about the IRS being after his ass is painfully true. If the driving force behind this weeklong mini-tour is to pay off the IRS, then I understand why his heart isn't in it. It makes me sad to consider it, because I have experienced that he is capable of much joyful fun and enthusiasm, and dazzling musicianship.

But everyone must have their low periods - you can only hope and trust that when the time comes, you will be surrounded by those who love you.

...Everyone is waiting, just anticipating on you
...Won't you make a showing everybody knows what to do
...Take a dive from your ivory tower
...And fall on everyone will catch you, everyone

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