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Don't believe all the others on this web site, this show was dynamite! Yeah, there were a few flubs, and some quirks while Todd played with his MP3 player while doing the WAT tunes with Jesse, but hell, that's the great part about seeing Todd. If he were 100% right out of the wrapper he wouldn't be him!

Hammer In My Heart on acoustic was great, especially when he breaks into that Pete Townsend riff and said " this is like listening to the entire Tommy Album" and then chimed "I'm the Gypsy, the Gypsy Queen!" lol. Lysistrata on acoustic was also great!

When he moved over to the piano to play Viking, Compassion, etc. he flubbed the beginning of Viking, only to take off his purple glass and put on a pair of real eye glasses saying "ok, let's dispel with the illusion." Makes us realize how old we all are.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I enjoyed the WAT set with Jesse, as I liked that tour a few years back.

Lucky Guy, Tiny Demons, There Goes My Inspiration, and One World all brought the house down! Slut was a huge supprise with the whole crowd singing along.

All in all, Todd played for 2 plus hours, did 25 plus tunes and his voice was stellar all night long. Call it what you will, I'd call it a fun night with a guy who I've been singing along with for over 25 years. Love is the answer, and Todd is definitely the messenger.

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