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I saw Todd Friday eve @the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg Pa.

I've seen him 5 times over the last 25 years(I saw the power trio last year and it was fantastic)

He played solo and at times had a young guitarist named Jessie. He also mellowed many of his songs out with acccompniment of an MP3 player he had rigged up. For instance he sang Love Is The Answer which is one of my favorite songs. It just didn't have the feeling in it that I have come to expect of todd. He made very MANY mistakes, stopping songs after a few verses and starting over again. He also seemed disoriented, at one point asking if he had played this certain song yet.

I really like todd but I must admit I felt bad for him Friday night!

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10/19/2001 - Whitaker Center For Science and the Arts - Harrisburg, PA

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