TODD,SOLO- Whitaker Center

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Harrisburg, PA

In a word-"sloppy". Which was not unexpected as it was the first show of the tour after a several month layoff and not necessarily bad. I wasn't sure what to expect. I've been a fan since I bought "Something/Anything" when I was 10. Over the years I've seen about half a dozen shows, but never solo and none since 1988 (You know how it is-job, marriage, kids).

I'm sure someone else will post a set list, but in my opinion:

Todd's voice was great as was Jesse's guitar playing.

The radio hits and a big chunk of the show was in the "With a Twist" style, which was annoying and eventually boring. Todd's jokes and political commentary were more distracting than entertaining.

Finally-looking around the audience, Damn did I feel old! The couple behind me ripped into the opening act. Show some class, she was pretty good. The usual idiots yelling out-expected from drunken college students, but, believe me, none were present. Remember, you can't go home again.

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10/19/2001 - Whitaker Center For Science and the Arts - Harrisburg, PA

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