7/23 BBKings

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Oops I did it again...Kiss Todd that is!

The show was a great excuse to fly to New York for the weekend.  BBKings was packed but a cool environment none the less.   My husband I and I loved the Abbey Road show a month ago but this topped that.  Both nights ended with autographs and a Kiss for Todd.  Oh, Im such a star-struck groupie when it comes to Todd, my psychiatric patients think I'm nuts!

As others have written, Todd was charming, witty and inspired ...he could have just talked all night and we would have loved it.  His notes were strong and clear, and we all loved him a little bit more for his humanity and vunerability at the piano.  Jessie was a good sport and sidekick to Todds teasing.  I enjoyed saying hello to Marylou and counting myself a member of the large fan gathering.  Todd was playful with us, and gracious to thank us all "this much" with his arms stretched wide .  His Music will forever move us,  his personality will forever endear us.

After a short and enjoyable wait  with fellow fans Linda & Misty; Todd and   his entourage exited the club.  He chatted and took photos, and I planted a kiss to his cheek.   My husband ( who had dragged me through Manny's and Sam Ash guitar stores all day) played roadie and loaded Jessie's guitar in the Taxi .  I was so excited a joking NYPD cop asked if I needed him to call for medical help.   We laughed and told Todd stories over cheese cake in Times Square until the wee hours of the night.  A great end to a New York weekend .

So happy to be a part of the shared dream!  Thanks Todd!  

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7/23/2001 - B.B.Kings - New York, NY

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