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I'm a little late with my review of BB Kings because I just got back from NYC Wednesday morning. Not only was Todd in town on Monday night, but so was Roxy Music. Tuesday I went to see them at the theater at Madison Square Garden. A true glam rock flashback week!!! Wow!

As some of the other reviews stated, BB Kings is a great club! A fantastic sound system of which the only drawback was the F.O.H engineer. This guy looked like Billy Idol and Thought Todd was freakin' David Lee Roth! The mix was soaked in a vocal reverb that had a delay with feedback. This is means that when Todd sang something it was washed in reverb and then repeated. Fortunately the effect wasn't too loud for most of the songs. On some of the tunes it was actually pretty cool, but on others it was way over the edge. I was surprised it took until the final encore for O.H. to say something to this bozo. Hey Todd, Need a good engineer??

The P.A. system at BB King's really was nice, the vocals sounded better than I think I've ever heard at a Todd show. Part of this was due to the PA being so tight and the other thing I was thinking during the show was this........... Todd is only doing one off solo shows now and isn't blowing out his vocal chords every night while touring with the Abbey Road thing. This means a fresh voice for us fans and let me tell you, was it appreciated. I live in Connecticut and it seemed every tour he'd play toad's place after just totally screwing up his voice. Todd was able to sing about 2 feet off the mike and you could hear a pin drop, it was excellent!

The Show at BB Kings was MUCH better than the previous days show in upstate New York! I mean much better! Jesse Gress was really good and I love the fact that todd Just sings and does the shaker thing when performing with Jesse. It really allows O.H. to concentrate on the songs and boy does he need to concentrate. TODD was losing his mind during this show.

Highlights included: 1. Seeing John Entwistle come in and sit about 15 feet away from me. 2. Todd putting a set of Halloween Teeth in his mouth during "West Virginia Gals", trying to sing and then not being able to. This was really funny! 3. "Hawking" as final encore.

After the show I said hello to Mary Lou then left the club. I went outside fully expecting to find my new pal Moogy Klingman working the pavement and was not disappointed. Moogy was outside handing out brochures for a Freak Parade show that is coming up in a couple of weeks. The Freak Parade features Moogy and Fellow original Utopia band mate Kevin Ellman and they are fantastic!!! I saw them a couple of weeks ago in Long Island and was really impressed. They do old Utopia Songs, Moogy Solo Hits and new Moogy written Freak Parade tunes from their self titled debut disc. It's quite good! Pick it up through Moogy's web site @

Freak Parade will be performing Friday, August 3rd, 2001 at the Triad Lounge - 158 west 72nd street in New York City. appearing with the Freak Parade will be Kasim Sulton and Buzzy Linhart.

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