B.B. Kings

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Having seen Todd at so many different venues, I was anxious to see Monday's show at B.B. King's. What a great room! TR certainly did not disappoint either. With a few detours along the way, Todd worked his way through most of his pop ballads accompanied only by guitar or piano. As many times as I've seen him, I don't recall ever hearing all these great tunes at one sitting. He was joined twice by Jesse Gress on acoustic guitar (wow!) to bring us most of the "With a Twist" collection. The show reminded me of what an amazing songwriter Todd is and how his music still holds it's own after so many years. The audience was full of friends and the Todd faithful and TR warmed up to them early. I felt fortunate to be among them and as I enjoyed the last couple tunes I wondered where will Todd go next. Here's hoping he continues to write and perform because his talent remains in a league of it's own.

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7/23/2001 - B.B.Kings - New York, NY

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