Todd at BBKings in NYC

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Well, this guy Todd never ceases to amaze me. I've lost count how many times I've seen him over the last 26 years(sorry Todd), and he just seems to get better.

OK, granted its different without the jumping and screaming guitar solos, but you know, an intimate night like last night is was priceless.His show was a one man gig with guest appearances from Jesse Gresse. He played Blackie, Foamy and the now Mistuned 12 string whose name I did not get. Later he would move onto the keyboard.

Some of his music included Tiny Demons, Hammer in my Heart, Compassion(my favorite),One World, and the much heralded The Wheel.( thank god he played that because the guy yelling, "the wheel" was getting to be almost comical.) And by the way Todd, your keyboard action wasn't as bad as you kept alluding it would be. The humanity and personality of your Song of the Viking(I think that's it, the martinis are kicking in) was priceless, are you sure you didn't plan this out????

Todd's voice was in its prime with a strong well rested sound, as evident in Compassion. Monty the roadie was comically reprimanded by Todd for not tuning the 12 string quite right. Jesse Gresse did some outstanding guitar work with todd for a few songs including a beatles tune ,my martini once again occludes the name, Let it Be I think. He also did this funny country impersonation of a singer from West Virginia complete with goofy teeth as a prop.It was hilarious when they came loose in the middle of the song and he had to take them out. By the way Todd, thanks, I just canceled my stay at the Yippee Kay Yeah Resort in W. Virginia, It was something you sang about pumpkins in the flooring that scared me.

I have seen Todd's shows from the days of the Shaeffer Music Festival in Central Park( Yes that's us in second row of the picture on the back of the Todd album.) through the Power Trio tour of last year, and the entertainment level and enthusiasm for his fans remains continuously peaked. One day , perhaps, I'll get to meet this guy in person and shake his hand and thank him for all the pleasure and joy and fun he has given me.

I'll try to remember more as I write this in between seeing patients.

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