Todd in Schenectady

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We just got back from Schenectady and seeing Todd!! He was so incredible...for 32 years we've been listeninfg to him and he has definitely been part of our lives. (this was our 6th time seeing him from Detroit in 72 to Atlantic City last year and ranks at the top) We got to meet him as he finished and got his autograph. We waited out behind for him to leave in his Buick and Dodge van. He was so personable and sounded so wonderful. I couldn't believe how gracious he was to shake hands and give autographs. Hats off to The Agnes McDonald Music Haven and Sound Wind ... great job and Todd played so well. Highlights (so many!) were certainly lead by One World, Cliche, Dream Goes On Forever, I Saw the Light and his struggle with The Song of the Viking was honest and wonderful! ..just like this wonderful memory. Do you how do get a message to Todd? Is there a way? We were the one's saying "Please take the dollar's really important to us" (only thing we had to autograph) Oh well thanks for listening.. Whew!!  

Pat Tobin and Lynne
Rochester, NY

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7/22/2001 - The Agnes MacDonald Music Haven - Schenectady, NY

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