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I would like to make some general comments requarding this show and my opinion of the latest feelings I am observing with Todd. FIrst, I have been to many a shows in my youth and recent shows like the last few tours. Todd played a free concert in Schenectady, NY. First a lot of local people where there more than the so called Todd fans, however I find Todd becoming more scarastic, especially when people really don't know his music. It was almost like those people felt a little insulted, however they don't know his history like we do, and it comes off misconstrued. Beside that, I do get his scarastic ways only due to my history with Todd's ways. In any case, the show was missing something. Not enough electric guitar I felt, however, I go because with Todd, I feel that we are locked up in this psychological game and we can't get off it. If I miss a show I just feel miserable. But sometimes some shows are much better than others and this game makes me nuts. I don't know if anybody understands what I am saying here, this show was not too good. Sorry if anyone feels different.

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7/22/2001 - The Agnes MacDonald Music Haven - Schenectady, NY

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