The Ultimate 4th of July!!

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How does a TR fan start by explaining a day like today :-)

The day started out with a drive from MN to the opposite corner of WI for a private 4th of July Grill out with honored guest - Todd Rundgren!!

I met the rest of the crew from Luverne, MN at the local hotel and commenced to the greatous host/hostesses site for an extremely eventful afternoon. We arrived around 3pm to meet other great Rundgren fans from around the country (two from our party came in from Phoenix and St. Louis) everywhere from L.A. to Boston. We all relaxed for a couple of hours with afternoon cocktails and great stories of past Rundgren experiences.

At about a quarter to five the honored guest had arrived! The first hour was spent with introductions and many fans showing off wonderful articles collected over the years (I displayed a blue/red copy of S/A? which Todd was happy to see). The most talked about item though was a high school annual from 1979 from the Luverne high school that featured a photo of Todd in the graduating class, Todd was very amused and the Luverne gang began to reminisce with Todd about the old high school days!

Around 6pm Todd proceeded to give the group a wonderful hour plus show using borrowed equipment that offered plenty of amusement throughout the performance. Todd started off with a wonderful West Virginia folk toon which led into many classics. Some personal favorites included: Mystified, Love of a Common Man, Hammer in My Heart and the crowd favorite The Wheel for the finale!

After the show Todd led the group to the buffet line for burgers, brats and the rest of the wonderful picnic goodies. Following the meal we all hung out for cocktails and stories with our hero! At dusk we all headed down to the local park and hung around on the swings waiting for the fireworks to start. Todd seemed to have a genuinely great time with all of us and I am still pinching myself to make sure that this all really happened!!

Well here are some photos from the day which is only a sample of the incredible afternoon had by all,

Dreams will live on forever,

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