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Todd arrived in a white limo about 4:40 pm He held court, "went to a garden party" and graciously signed autographs, made small talk, shook hands, posed for pictures, etc. The initial set on acoustic guitar included an opener and another tune later on from the Harry Smith Tribute Todd recently participated in:

West Virginia Gals (folk song from the Harry Smith Tribute)
Love of the Common Man
Hammer in my Heart
The House Carpenter (The second Harry Smith folk tune and "an extremely depressing song," sez TR) Moving on to a keyboard, TR quickly pronounced it tragically unusable... "No transpose button!" Though host Kurt jumps in with alas only the intro of ...
Lucky Guy
Todd bids him continue before Kurt sheepishly admits he only knows the intro...
Another guest attempted it as well with Todd actually trying to sing in a much lower range before giving it up and moving to electric. Soundman and guitar tech volunteer Jeff of the Weavils jumps in on rhythm guitar for...
Then TR solo electric on:
Love In Action
Tiny Demons- killer performance
One World (ditto!)
Encores with
The Wheel

Then we munched burgers 'n' brats (it WAS Wisconsin, after all!), drank beer, talked amongst ourselves and just hung out with Todd! For hours! I hadn't seen that many silly grins at one sitting since the seventies! I had to keep pinching myself and the question on everyone's lips was "How cool is this?" Todd was funny, charming, obliging and all in all perfect company. It was a once in a lifetime experience and thanks to Cathy Lee for putting it all together and delivering everything promised and then some! Among those in attendanace were Don L. (dabl) Ken O, Kathy (ksbedit), Lani Hanson, folk fan Julie Hulvey (thanx) , Doug S. (Bobby Strickland's bud- and let me know about that pic!) and- about 40 or so other awestruck and agog TR fans who I probably met and whose names are escaping me right now. The limo didn't pull out till after an hour and a half after the scheduled end either! Thanks again Todd for everything- it was a ball!!!

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