Debbie Sommer presents A Special Evening with Todd Rundgren

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May 5, 2001 Studio Z, San Francisco

A cable car ride, dinner at Kuleto's, a short walk to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, a beggar, a soiled bed on the sidewalk, a secret address, a buzz at the door, a password, a dark stairway, a foxy security chick, an issuance of a personal laminate pass, a greeting by Debbie Sommer, directions to the roof-top smoking section, a viewing of artwork by Judy Gittelsohn, a borrowed keyboard and soundsystem, a borrowed roadie, a sampling of munchies, an open bar!, a tip jar "Contributions: $$$Something/Anything?", a happy hour to meet others, a very clandestine, SPECIAL evening:

Being a very old and hot studio, Todd asked "Hey, did we buy the air conditioning option tonight?" A floor fan was procured.

1. Hammer in My Heart
Todd got his first of four leis of the evening: "Pile 'em on!"
2. Cliché'
3. West Virginia Gals
Todd chattered about "Mr. Lean" being in the house, having grown up near W.V. but never crossed the border, and advising to "Marry out of state, if possible"
4. I Don't Want to Tie You Down
Todd picked up his glasses for use at the piano: "Grandpa's gotta put his specs on -- don't be scared now"
5. Song of the Viking
"Feel free to hit the bar any time -- this is the Frat Party we never had!"
6. Compassion
7. Free, Male & 21
8. #1LCD
9. Broke Down & Busted
10. Love of the Common Man
11. Tiny Demons
12. I Saw the Light

Referring to the upcoming "Walk Down Abbey Road" summer tour Todd announced: "I'm going on another "Has-Been" show --- or is it a "Never Was" show?"

13. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)

14. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
15. Too Far Gone
16. S.L.U.T.
17. One World

No encore -- straight into autographs, visiting, and beer.

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