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A brief report, just returned from a very enjoyable evening watching Todd perform at a private party in SF arranged by Debbie Sommers (thanks Deb!) in SF. The event was held at an art gallery on Mason Street. Probably about 130+ die hard fans in presence. Roger L, John Glossenger, Bash, and Turkey Boy were there.

The room was nice, the sound system was good, the vibe was great. Todd looked fit and trim, his voice was in great shape. The usual flubs were there, but he appeared very sober and focused. The banter between and within songs was the usual wit and self deprecation. The audience easily filled in background vocals and rhythmic clapping and noise.

Song list:

1. Hammer In My Heart - electric guitar and a strong opening. He paused at the end and made a joke about getting through it without a Pete Townsend reference, then did so on the outro.

2. Cliché on acoustic.

to many hoots, he asked for "a fan to blow me". A fan was quickly provided.

3. West VA Girls from the Harry Smith tribute. A long rendition with several humorous asides between verses.

4. Tie You Down - understated, simple, emotional.

5. switch to Korg electric piano - Viking Song, several restarts, he had fun with this. My first time to see his hands playing piano, he is almost as bad as I am at the left hand, all octaves and single finger interludes,

6. Compassion - high point of the night for me, heartfelt, stripped down, nailed it. The vocal was dead on.

7. Free, Male & 21. Nice audience sing along.

8. #1 LCD on electric, well done, uses a Line 6 POD device for the guitar noise.

9. Broke Down & Busted - 2nd highlight for me, nice groove.

10. Love Of The Common Man, back on acoustic.

11. Tiny Demons

12. I Saw The Light, again on acoustic, not quite the bossa nova version, nice swing, very strong vocals.

13. Hide Your Love Away for the upcoming Beatles tour and totally solid, no flubs, no misses, again strong vocals.

14. back to the piano for It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference.

15. Too Far Gone, beautiful.

16. SLUT and back to electric guitar, sloppy but fun with the audience sing along.

17. One World

a nice night and I was glad to be there. The company was good, the music fine, the vibe superb.

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