vernon downs,just one victory

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a beautiful day i must say. security was mellow and some todd fans were hanging around behind the stage near the bus. kasim was walking around and being friendly. jesse was standing near the tour bus.

one lady was so together, she had special fabric pens in case she could get todd to autograph her really cool todd shirt she got on i missed it, but she told me todd did sign her shirt. she was thrilled! todd cruised by me and he looked so tall and gorgeous. black jeans and t shirt. mmm, what a fine man.

nazareth ended their excellent set, and i wandered into the crowd. this year has been a wonderful year for talking with todd fans. they are the best. there was a guy from buffalo with a great 70's todd haircut. the two children on their parents shoulders (i wish my parents had brought me to todd shows when i was younger!!). those 2 guys who remembered me from wilkes barre. i was not far from the stage but had to look around those kids a bit.

the show starts and the sun is shining through the riggings, behind the boys. beautiful spot. they were more instrumental in their numbers, i think because todd's voice needed a rest a bit. the show was kicker. jesse came out and pumped up the volume. far too soon, the show was over, we convinced the boys for one encore.

the last show, for mr. rundgren, over 30 years of touring and bringing his music to the people. if it is realy the end, the end of an era, a time of love and utopian hoopes and dreams. musical jewels from the head and heart of tr-i, the man so many fans love and respect.

after the show, i caught up with the boys at a local watering hole, they were in good spirits. i asked mr. r if he was really never going to tour again and his answer was discouraging. there were a few fans who had found us here. we had a lovely litle party, with mr. r relaxing with a milk. kasim entertaining a table of ladies. then our hero excused himself and disappeared into the sunset.

good-bye mr. rundgren, all the best to you. thanks for all the sweeter memories.

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8/13/2000 - Vernon Downs - Vernon, NY

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