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Imagine travelling 1200 miles by Greyhound Bus Lines -- alone. It takes about a day and a half. Then imagine about 25,000 people or more, gathered at an oval race track to see 6 bands for a mere 10 bucks. Imagine doing all this for the love of Todd. Color me crazy, but I'd do it all over again.......

Bands in order of appearance were Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Nazareth, Joan Jett, TODD RUNDGREN and Blue Oyster Cult. Unfortunately, Todd's set was very short, an hour if that, and was a disappointment for me to have travelled so far for so little time. He said he wouldn't banter in between songs, due to the time allotment, so the other band got all of their time. He did say something about this dinosaur concert and how we probably didn't know half of them were still alive (don't quote me on this) Nazareth was the most impressive for me. They put on a good show and the crowd sure enjoyed it.

I passed out PatroNet flyers during Joan Jett's set as I just saw her in Missouri the week before I went to Vernon. Thanks to lurker, Jane from BeyondAwizard for the help and conversation. But when Todd and the boys took the stage, I scampered up front as any good fan should do. They sure know how to rock and roll. I won't repost the set list, as it's included in the other reviews. There was no acoustic part to the set as in the other shows, and we didn't get any bonus songs like some cities did ie: Tiny Demons et al. Jesse joined the posse for the last 5 songs, but I am sorry to say that I was less than impressed after reading the previous reviews.

I guess I had really hoped for somewhat more hoopla -- being that this was the last date of the tour. Instead we got the shortest set in rock history, but it was Todd and Kasim and worth every agonizing minute of my journey. My one regret?? Not waiting afterwards to see the boys and get some autographs and photos. I can only hope that there will be a next time...... What say you, Todd?


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8/13/2000 - Vernon Downs - Vernon, NY

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