Vernon Downs

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8/14/2000 we arrived around 4:00 knowing TR wasn't scheduled until 6:30. My immediate observation was the kids, kids and more kids surrounding us in the parking lot as we emptied our cooler. Could this have been a mistake?'s TR's last date and.... I'm here!

We made our way to the track infield, past the drunk, the sunburned, the drunk and sunburned, and toward the stage to see what we were in for. Too early to get too close. Joan Jett's fans were having their turn. Soon it would be ours.

We decided a walk around the back of the stage would be a welcome relief from the mass of mud and sweat gathered inside.

"Hey, there's Jesse!"
A wave and a yell brought him over. We talked about the day, the tour, Tony Levin, and....his Mary Lou ! 
"What? You're married to Mary Lou ?"  
"Yep, I've pretty much been following the tour for that reason"
Hmmm....that's news to me.

Kaz would wander over, then Trey and then TR would appear. All very pleasant, all accommodating the few of us gathered with greetings, autographs and photo shoots.

OK....Nazareth's just finished. Now, it's our turn. We made our way as close as we could to Todd's mike stand. A short wait while they dismembered Nazareth and assembled the TRi-O and we're ready. We're given ISP, CIJTY and LOTCM before Todd explains there'll be little banter because of the 1 hour limit ("Wow, he's reading my mind").

The abbreviated set didn't lack and was well received by the throngs (estimations of 25-30,000). Jesse joins in before Open My Eyes and WWE round out the hour and the boys walk off into the sunset (behind the stage). But, wait ....we're not through yet. Not with that many people chanting "We want Todd"! A brief hiatus and they would resurface with One World. day is done. No Blue Oyster Cult; no fireworks. Just the ride home and reflections of what just happened.

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8/13/2000 - Vernon Downs - Vernon, NY

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