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Set list for the Chameleon Club/ August, 12,2k
1. I hate my frickin' I.S.P.
2.Couldn't I just tell you
3. Love of the common man
4. Black and white
5.Yer fast and I like it
6. #1 lowest common demonenator
7. Love in action
8. There goes my inspiration
9. Secert society
10. Tiny demons (acoustic)
11.Bang on the ukulele daily
12. trapped
13. Fix your gaze
14. Hammer in my heart
15.Buffalo grass
16.One world
17.The Ikon
18.Open my eyes
19. World wide epiphany
So, that's the set tell me how it was. Or, instead, I could just tell you. I've seen Todd (like all fans) quite a bit, and I must say fans and performers were impressed with eachother. The energy was high and almost none stop. All three seemed to be thankful and well received by this grateful, but smaller in numbers, Lancaster audience. (In all seriousness: the crowd was full of obsessed nuts; I know: I'm one of them.)

The show highlight was obiviously "Yer fast...". Being remarked by TR as "I'm just gonna write songs like that for now on." after an overly ethusiastic crowd beat him to all the words.Being #5 of a set of 19, it went quickly down hill from a positive way.

The jokes flew around the stage, though Todd wasn't as chatty as normal. Though he did give a forked-toung commentary on good ol' Jesse Helms. (and yes, about a billion people screamed out for "Jesse".)

"Tiny Demons" was an obious last minute accoustic decision by Todd after hearing the woman to my direct left shout out for it... very odd seeing as he normally dosen't do requests. But, he quickly tuned down to "D" and off he went.

I was fortunate enough to be the guy directly infront of Todd....good/great pictures were the end result. Not to mention two breif converstions with "the man".

Final judgement: A great time had by all. If you missed it, I empithize. If you didn't miss it: feel lucky. It was an important show to see.

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8/12/2000 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA

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