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I tried to get Chris (see Mohegan Sun review) to come with me to Lancaster, but she couldn't. I promised to take some photos for her. My husband and I got to the show around 6:30 and a line was forming. We decided to check into a hotel around the corner. We did and as we were walking from the hotel to the venue, we saw a bus parked that looked like the bus I've read described in other reviews. I told my husband that I was going to try to take a picture of the bus for Chris. I was gonna stand on the corner and zoom in, but hubby said why not just get up closer. I did and was right across the street from the bus when I asked, "do you think anyone is in there?" At that moment, none other than Mr. Rundgren steps out. For whatever reason, I was so embarrassed to be caught taking a picture like a stalker that I turned my back before a shot was taken. So I have some nice shots of the empty lot across from the Trio's tour bus if anyone is interested! Laughing at myself, we headed on to the concert.

Sorry that I am not familiar enough to know what the play list was, but hopefully some one will post it. The venue was very nice and we sat up on the second balcony (furthest point from the stage and behind the sound guy). We had an excellent view of the stage. Even though we were on the "top" balcony, our view felt better than when we had floor seats at the Mohegan Sun. The sound, light, etc.. were all good, but I am not knowledgeable enough to give any specifics.

This show was shorter that the Sun maybe only 90 minutes. It seemed that the band was in a hurry, but the mood from the crowd was again electric (except for the guy who kept yelling, "Hello, Todd, it's me" -- I wanted to tell him to give it a rest, but I just stood up and danced in front of him!!). The band was really, really good and even though shorter, I liked this concert better than the Sun, if possible. I "rocked" in my seat from beginning to end (I would have rushed the stage again, but this time the area in front of the stage was full -- no high roller tables in the front like at the Sun and the jump from the third floor balcony was a bit high!)

Kasim Sulton was out of his ankle brace and seemed much more animated and happy than at the Sun. I would have described him as brooding if my impression was formed from just the Sun show, but at Lancaster he seemed to joke and talk and move around. My favorite songs from this concert were Yer Fast and One World. I was horse! I liked another one ALOT, the name of which I don't know but KS starts singing first, almost a cappella-- kind of sounding (in my untrained and unsophisticated ear) like Freddie Mercury (Queen?). Anyway, the two encores are different than at the Sun, I think (sorry don't know what either was) One was more free style and Trey Sabatelli was on fire with the drums. I like this free-form song, it almost sounds like bluesy jazz or something. Then the concert is over -- much too soon, if you ask me, I could have listened a lot longer.

We go back to the hotel and hang in the lobby, lobby/bar for awhile -- an extremely lame counter masking as a bar, so we went to our room, got our own beer (literally our own, we made it) and came back to the lobby area to people watch. (There were maybe 20 people hanging out) As my husband and I are talking on a lobby couch, in walks a guy that looks like Trey Sabatelli. He goes up to the elevators. We watch a few people milling around, and catch on that while that was indeed TS, the band is going to head up to Vernon Downs and not stay the night at the hotel. Can't say I blame them -- the hotel is clean, but not a place to stay if you have other accommodations. No one is in the lobby except me, my husband, the bartender and the bus driver. We watch the bus driver try to get a cup of coffee -- to no avail, the instant coffee machine spills water all over the place, the bartender doesn't have any coffee, so the poor sod has to settle for a small watery coke out of the fountain. What a drag, he's got to drive the band six hours and no Joe! Ugh! My husband and I commiserate with the bus driver and offer to go up to our room and get coffee, but there's no time. A few minutes later, here comes TR walking right towards us. We keep on talking to each other -- he looks like he wants his privacy. We see Tr again on his way to the bus, we again respect his privacy. A few minutes later, the tour manager (blonde woman) waits at the elevator. She's eyeing us a bit suspiciously, and then Kasim Sulton descends elevator and the two go to the bus. My husband and I almost tell KS or the lady to get the poor bus driver some coffee, but in the end we don't want to interfere.

All in all, it was a great night. We loved the music. I am disappointed to read that this tour is probably TR's last. After twenty years of ignorance, I am happy to consider myself a BIG Todd fan!!

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8/12/2000 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA

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