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After reading reviews about Todd not quite sounding as melodious as in the past, or not just hitting the cords like he used to, I just can't find anything to complain about with this show. I must admit it's been 15 years since I've seen him, and this is the first time I wasn't high, but this ranks up there with concerts I've seen. Even my Elton John-loving wife came away impressed.

Some of the highlights included . . . Todd saying he would stop the rain with his next song, a fantatsic acoustic version of Cliche, and the rain stopped by the end of the song. Gives fodder to the Todd is God debate. Trey banging away with a smile on Hit Me like a Train. This guy was a great addition and I hope he continues on future tours. Kasim took the lead on vocals for Temporary Sanity and just took the song over. Buffalo Grass, even with a canned track, was killer. I think TR could write hits until he's 80. And, of course, Todd's ad lib comments about just anything that comes to mind.

I was up near the stage but at the end of the show I was amazed to see what only looked like 600-700 people there for what amounted to a free concert. What happened to all of those Northeastern Ohio Utopia's children of the 70's?

Thanks Power Trio!

Bubba Marsh

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8/11/2000 - Wingfest - Boardman, OH

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