Wingfest-Boardman, Ohio-8-11-00

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We arrived at the parking lot around 7:00 pm-didnt have to worry about getting a good spot, nobody was even in front of the stage.A buddy of mine snagged a backstage pass somehow, and actually did make it back there, but a big, bad security guy said the meet and greet was over with so, alas , no one on one with OH. The gig started pretty much right on schedule and the first thing i noticed was Todd's voice - it was pretty rough-but I knew he'd warm up after a couple tunes, and he did too. There were moments when his voice was just perfect, but those high notes were a struggle at times. We were on Kasim's side of the stage, and he seemed to be having a good time-flickin picks and flashing that cute smile of his-some drunken girl behind us kept screaming for Hello It's Me, but I knew that was'nt happening tonight. I've been a Todd follower since the 70s, and it's always great to see him live, but I was'nt too impressed with this tour-the vocals were so-so ( although Kas was on the mark ), and the guitar work was a bit sloppy at times, but some rare gems were played so that more than made up for that. I had heard about the accident with Kas, so when they did the scissor kick during CIJTY, I was quite surprised, and nervous, but it went off without a hitch. #1LCD was something i had'nt expected, and I think I was the only one yellin the SO HOT part-Trapped was another oldie and goodie-and I always like hearing Secret Society, but Open My Eyes was a real treat- I don't think I've ever heard that live before-the break in Love In Action was'nt much- some comment about needing another rib- and then back into it-and excerpts from the IKON-wow- what brought that on-I personally think Todd does these tours cos he likes to play live- certainly not for the money-and when they left the stage for the last time Todd said " See you soon "- does this mean he's coming back- i did hear a rumor he's playing the Stambaugh in the near future--and if so I'm there for sure..... I was kinda disappointed that we did'nt get Temporary Sanity- I love that tune- and did he really stop the rain ? As I said earlier, it was'nt one of his best tours- but I still would'nt have missed it for the world- its our world --yeah yeah...see ya

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8/11/2000 - Wingfest - Boardman, OH

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