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Just got back from the N.Y.C. Todd show, and a few "twists".

The famous tour bus was parked out front blocking traffic. Todd said he runed his "pitch" in PA due to some radio party, where people were blowing smoke in his face, and asking him to play hello it"s me , so his voice was ruined for his "soul mates".His screems were in great form though, and the show seemed like a good outlet for primal screem theripy.

He played love in action and during the refrain, "you can't stop" , he said I can stop it's my show, and went into another song. About halfway into the show he brought in jessi, and the sound was much better , much fuller with the extra guitar. Then after a few songs he went into love in action again from the beginning.

Kas was saying off mike "didn't we just play this" , then he motioned to Todd, and then thay stopped, and he explained to Todd , the not finishing previously after the refrain, and they picked it up, and finished the song, as they would have after their usual refrain.

Then Todd said " I knew I had unfinished business"

After coulden't I just tell you Todd said there was a story behind the kicks that he and kas do during the song, but he would not elaborate on it. Todd was drinking "Bushnells" because of his voice. He said his voice was so bad he had to drink, and asked the audience, jokeingly,which is the chaser, and which is the drink? should I, you think it will help, well it couldn't hurt although, He was hacking from the drink as well.

During secret society Todd came in late singing a verse after a solo, and smacked himself into time.

Todd did remark to the croud reach out your hands in the air is if you didn't care.

A girl in front said "He's on drugs" , and he did look as though he might have been, but I don't like to speculate on such things.

Todd also stated to the audience , you already heard this story right, and did not make us suffer thru the uke preamble.

Todd also played tiny demons.

During the grand finally World wide epiphany the audience not Todd or the boys were singing the refrain, "world wide epiphany epiphany" which is somthing I had not seen before.

great show

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8/9/2000 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY

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