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I was fortunate enough to be able to see Todd for the second time on this tour on Wednesday night in NYC!!! First of all, NYC people are TRUE Todd fans. I was amazed at the large turnout and that most knew every song.

Todd's voice wasn't up to par tonight as he said he played some radio station birthday party in Wilkes-Barre and people were shouting for Hello It's Me. He stated that NY were his true soulmates. Nevertheless, our Hero went on to put on an incredible show.

It did get pretty hot in there (people were standing shoulder to shoulder) and Todd requested a drink. For his acoustic spot, Todd sang Tiny Demons which I had never heard him play live. I was so excited!!!!!

I really had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the people enjoy Todd. It was a great show.

I really hope that this rumor of it being Todd's last tour is not true. Everyone, I hope you had a chance to see this tour. It has been as close to a Utopia concert as I've seen.


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8/9/2000 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY

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