8/8 Wilkes Barre PA

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After attending the "Trump Show" which scored all 10's except for the audience, here's my take on the Woodlands shoe.

1 - 10 Scale 10 = excellent)

1. Venue - 3 (this room at the Woodlands reminded me of my bar-tending days in the 70's)
2. Sound - 3 (similar to my elementary school cafeteria with 6.5' high ceilings - this certainly added tremendously to #5)
3. Lighting - 2 (would have been a 1 but there was something cool (yet hot) about the "head level" lighting
4. Seating - 0 (no seats - this was not bad though since I was able to stand within 2' of OH)
5. Temperature - 1 (it was friggin hot - just ask Todd)
6. Cost - 10+ ( a free show - no shit!)
7. Set List - 10++ (Icon stil rulz)
8. Audience - 10+++ (It still amazes me that there are so many other 40+ people with the same affliction that I have) I thought I wa nutz driving from Portland ME the day of the show until I spoke with the couple next to me that flew in from Japan.
9 Todd +++++ (Last tour??? say it ain't so!!!!!)

An in the immortal words of Forrest Gump "That's all I have to say about that"

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8/8/2000 - Woodlands - Wilkes Barre, PA

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