8/8/00 Wilkes Barre, Pa. Woodlands Inn

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WOW what a show. Todd took the stage with I Hate My Frickin ISP and nailed it.A low ceiling at the Woodlands hurt acoustics a little, but by three songs in things were worked out. The show took surprising turns with songs like Secret Society and Fix Your Gaze mixed in with a heavy helping of Utopia songs.

My favorite song of the evening was a great rendition of Yer Bad (And I Like It) it really rocked. Volume kept increasing throughout the night and at one point you could see Kasim motion for the crew to turn it down a little.

Todd's voice was clear and crisp and as usual complimented by the harmony of Kasim (I always love to here him sing). Another highlight was when Kasim and Todd traded vocals on Trapped.

My first recollection of seeing Todd was on a Saturday morning American Bandstand clone TV show out of the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. Nazz preformed Open My Eyes and from then on I was hooked. Imagine my surprise and delight when during their encores Open My Eyes was played. I was floored. It was awesome.

I've seen Todd play many times, in many different situations, and this rated up there very near the top. As a sign at the concert said TODD IS GOD.

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8/8/2000 - Woodlands - Wilkes Barre, PA

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