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This is a little late, but, what the HELL!

Went to the Woodlands with my brother and sister-in-law to see the show. Was delighted to win free tickets from Rock 107(Scranton). I also saw the 7/7 show(with my other brother-age 16 - new TODD fan!) in Glenside, Pa. Along with Roncentric, I was pumped to see many 40ish people there(although I wouldn't know about that, I'm 38). The show was HOT and so was the room. Low ceilings and crammed full of people. That did not take away from the performance. Todd and company were fantastic. It was also refreshing to see Jesse Gress again(also seen earlier in this tour and on the Tiki tour). Todd hasn't rocked this much since I DON'T KNOW WHEN! It was thoroughly enjoyable.

MY HISTORY(of being a TODD fan) - was turned on to Todd by classmates in HS. Saw my first show at Mulenburg College(spelling?) in Allentown, Pa. - Adventures in Utopia tour(1977-78? or so) LOVED THE ELECTRONIC DRUMSET OF WILLIE'S - have been to 30-40 shows since(I lost count) - most favorite tour="Todd, a man and his piano"(never anything better than a solo performance)

Take care and listen to the music

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8/8/2000 - Woodlands - Wilkes Barre, PA

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