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Having seen this world-class power trio earlier this summer at the Keswick Theatre, I expected to once again be dazzled. I was. I had recently been to another show at this newly constructed venue, but it didn't come close to seeing Todd, Trey, and Kasim. I have the sneaking suspicion that seeing Mr. Rundgren and crew has raised the bar for being impressed by any other act.

I took my, beautiful, girlfriend to the show with me. She was not all that familiar with most of the music, but she instantly became a fan. It was as close to a perfect show as one could hope for. Spontaneity, precision, whit, charm, balls, and chops barreled from the stage. The only flaw in the evening was an ongoing problem with the sound system. From reading other reviews, sound problems were a common occurrence throughout the tour. What's the deal? Here we have one of the most technically proficient musicians in the business and there are constant equipment problems. However, Mr. Rundgren even turned that around to a comedic advantage.

These three guys really seem to enjoy working with each other. It showed. For as talented and as successful as they are, there was no display of the typical rock star attitude, ego, or empathy toward the crowd. I suppose performing for such a gracious bunch of fans helps. I hope Mr. Rundgren comes this way again. And soon.

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